I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. -Vincent Van Gogh

“I have searched far for what my passion in life is, and everything has always come back to photography. I literally have photography etched into my DNA. My Great-Grandfather was a photographer and has always been a major inspiration to me and my career.

When I decided to attend college I knew I wanted to spend my time perfecting my photography in the darkroom. There is just nothing like seeing a moment that you captured come to life in a developing tray when you're alone in a darkroom. I started with film and progressed to digital. I now like to switch it up and will use both when the feeling is right.

Everyone always asks me what I like to photograph, and I never have an exact answer for them. I like to freeze time and capture moments that others may overlook. It is the little things in life that matter the most. In 30 years most people will want to remember those little seconds of time and I want to be the person who provides them the memories. Photography is more to me than just taking photos, it is being asked by someone to be a part of their life for a short period of time and that they trust you to capture some of the most important moments they will ever experience. “